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The outcome of a particular case cannot be based upon past results, as every case is different.  Segal Law's promise to all of our clients is that we will provide zealous, diligent, ethical and professional representation, and every effort will be made to achieve the best possible result in light of the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client's case.

  • TRO / Injunction Against Harassment Granted After Hearing

    December 2022

    Two clients hired Brandon Segal to assist in obtaining an injunction against harassment against their neighbors, who had harassed the clients for over two years.   After taking the matter to an evidentiary hearing and presenting witnesses and evidence to a Judge, Brandon obtained all of the relie... Read On

  • Robbery Charge Dismissed

    June 2022

    Brandon Segal represented a client held in-custody on an allegation of a Class B felony charge of Robbery in the Second Degree, which carries a potential term of imprisonment of ten years.  After Brandon conducted an extensive and thorough cross-examination of the complaining witness during a pre... Read On

  • Civil Lawsuit Dismissed

    November 2022

    Two clients hired Brandon Segal to assist them after a collections company filed a lawsuit to collect over $25,000 in debt.  Brandon convinced the Judge to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice, meaning the lawsuit cannot be brought back. Read On

  • DUI Charges Reduced

    May 2022

    A client who was facing second-offense penalties for a DUI, including mandatory jail time, hired Brandon Segal to defend against the charges.  After reviewing police reports and discovery, Brandon drafted a Motion to Suppress that identified violations of his client's constitutional rights.  Brandon leveraged th... Read On

  • TRO Against Client Dismissed

    August 2022

    A client was facing a TRO from the client's ex-partner that would have resulted in the client's children being taken from the house for an extended period of time and the client would not be able to contact the children at all.  Brandon got the TRO dismissed. Read On

  • Unreasonable Child Support Order Significantly Reduced

    October 2022

    After a client's ex-partner filed a request to have child support increased with the Child Support Enforcement Agency, the client hired Brandon Segal to assist.  Brandon took the case to a hearing, and successfully argued against the presumptive amounts that are required by the child support formulas... Read On

  • Criminal Environmental Court Charges Reduced to Violations

    May 2022

    A client was charged with misdemeanor criminal fishing charges in environmental court, facing jail time  After Brandon Segal obtained police reports and discovery, he drafted a Motion to Suppress evidence outlining faulty police investigation and violations of his client's constitutional rights. ... Read On

  • Juvenile Felony Charges Reduced to Misdemeanors

    October 2022

    A juvenile client and the client's family hired Brandon Segal to assist in criminal defense of felony charges.  Brandon successfully negotiated a reduction of the felony charges to misdemeanor-level offenses.    Read On

  • District Court Civil Lawsuit Against Client Dismissed After Trial

    July 2022

    A client was sued in District Court for claims relating to breach of contract, with damages alleged in the thousands of dollars.   Brandon investigated the case, prepared the client for trial, came armed with multiple exhibits and legal arguments for trial, and after cross-examining the plaintiff... Read On

  • Criminal Firearm Charge Reduced to Violation

    August 2022

    A client was facing a criminal Department of Land and Natural Resources charge relating to illegal transportation of a loaded firearm while hunting.  The client was facing not only up to thirty days in jail, but loss of the client's hunting privileges and the loss of his firearm.  Brandon negotia... Read On

  • Jail Time Avoided

    November 2022

    A client facing misdemeanor charges that carried up to one year imprisonment avoided further jail time after Brandon Segal negotiated a favorable plea deal, even though the prosecutor originally wanted to put Brandon's client in jail.    Read On

  • Criminal Charges Dismissed After Arrest

    October 2022

    A client was arrested and given a court date, facing criminal charges carrying up to thirty days in jail.  The client hired Brandon Segal to assist in his criminal defense.  Brandon was able to convince the prosecutor to drop all of the charges, and the client never had to step foot in a courtroom.  Read On

  • Criminal Charges Reduced to Violations

    August 2022

    A client facing criminal charges carrying up to thirty days in jail came to Brandon Segal for assistance.   Brandon successfully negotiated a reduction of the charges to a simple violation, meaning that the client will not have a criminal record and only had to pay a fine. Read On

  • Abuse Charge Kept off Record

    October 2022

    A client came to Brandon Segal after being arrested for Abuse of Family or Household Member, and was very concerned about consequences of a criminal conviction on the client’s employment. Brandon negotiated a favorable plea deal that involve... Read On

  • Felony Drug Charges Dismissed in Two Separate Cases

    October 2022

    Brandon Segal was court-appointed counsel for a client facing two separate Class C felony drug possession charges.  After reviewing the discovery and negotiating with the prosecutor, Brandon convinced the government to dismiss all of the charges without prejudice, and the charges are highly unlik... Read On

  • Order for Protection Entered Against Ex-Husband

    September 2022

    A client hired Brandon Segal to represent her after filing a TRO against her abusive ex-husband.  Brandon prepared the client for the evidentiary hearing, and obtained an extended Order for Protection against the opposing party, which prohibited the ex-husband from contacting, threatening, or ph... Read On

  • TRO Against Client Dismissed

    August 2022

    After being served with a TRO by a family member, a client hired Brandon Segal to defend the client at the TRO hearing.  After Brandon cross-examined the witnesses and made legal arguments to the Court, the Judge found that there was not enough evidence to substantiate the TRO and dismissed it. Read On

  • Father Awarded Equal Custody of Children With Full Visitation Rights

    August 2022

    A father hired Brandon Segal after losing physical and legal custody of his children in Court to the mother when he tried to represent himself in a divorce matter.  After filing a motion to set aside the judgment, Brandon negotiated a settlement agreement with the opposing attorney where the father obtained joint physical and legal custody of the c... Read On

  • Abuse Charge Kept off Record

    November 2022

    Brandon negotiated a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor to resolve an Abuse of Family or Household Member charge, and successfully argued for the Judge to grant a deferred acceptance of guilty plea, meaning that the client will have the Abuse charge dismissed and expunged from the clien... Read On

  • Abuse Charge Dismissed

    November 2022

    Brandon Segal represented a client charged with Abuse of a Family or Household Member, who was facing serious employment consequences if convicted of the crime.   Brandon negotiated a complete dismissal of the case with prejudice, meaning that the charges cannot be refiled by the government. Read On

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